The Ensemble interface engine, provided by health software specialist InterSystems, has been ranked as the number one interface engine for a third consecutive year.

Ensemble came top in the 2008 ‘Best in KLAS’ rankings, a respected survey in which vendors are rated by product customers.

The ranking was reported in the 2008 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software and Professional Services report, an annual research report that surveys thousands of healthcare providers throughout the United States and Canada.

Ensemble-based projects are deployed in healthcare, commercial and government organisations worldwide on demanding HL7 integration problems. The interface engine is used in some of the world’s most visible initiatives to develop national electronic health records.

In the UK, Ensemble was selected last September by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), the local service provider for the North, Midlands and East, for the integration of all new applications it provides to existing trust systems.

According to InterSystems, Ensemble is a high-performance software platform and advanced messaging engine that is used to develop and integrate mission-critical applications, and leverage previous software investments.

"We are very pleased that InterSystems Ensemble has been recognised by the healthcare organisations surveyed by KLAS as the number one interface engine for the third year in a row," said Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems vice president of strategic planning.

KLAS measures a vendor’s performance in areas like product quality, implementation, and service and support.