The first project under the Department of Health’s practice-based commissioning support framework has begun work.

Clinicians and managers in NHS Brent are working with the NHS Alliance, Humana Europe and health information provider Dr Foster Intelligence. The partnership is one of five consortia on the DH’s practice-based commissioning development framework.

The framework was set up by the DH to provide a structured and time efficient way for NHS bodies to procure support to boost their PBC capability and skills.

The NHS Alliance is a primary care membership organisation while Humana Europe runs the PBC Academy in conjunction with the Alliance and has set up its own Commissioning Institute. Dr Foster Intelligence is to lead on the information and data interpretation aspects of the programme.

The DH is providing £1m to pump-prime use of the framework and NHS London selected NHS Brent to take advantage of the service.

Julie Wood, NHS Alliance’s national PBC federation director, said: “This is fantastic news, and means we can now start working in earnest with the local health community across Brent to really support them to take full advantage of PBC for their population."

Amit Shah, PBC lead for Humana, said, “This partnership brings clinicians and managers together, with NHS and international commissioning experience, to support and build on the good work of the leadership at NHS Brent. We’re delighted to offer this advice and support.”