US firm VeriFone Holdings has announced it will target the growing demand in Germany for electronic health card systems.

The company is a specialist supplier of payment and card systems, and has been operating in the US market since 1995.

VeriFone currently offers a range of payment certified electronic card acceptance solutions in Germany, including PIN devices and communications options, including Ethernet, ISDN, GPRS and WiFi. The firm says that over the coming quarter it will introduce new product sets into the German market and specific eHealth applications.

The company aims to win business generated from the German health smart card initiative, designed to tie together health providers, pharmacies and insurers with a consumer electronic health card. The national project aims to migrate consumer health care information and payment data to a national communications network based on electronic chip card.

The planned system is intended to combine insurance eligibility, electronic prescriptions and electronic medical records on a consumer smart card.

"Germany is in the forefront of the movement to a e-health system and VeriFone has years of expertise in providing medical card applications in the U.S.," said VeriFone chief executive officer Douglas Bergeron.

Bergeron stated: "We have worked with health providers, insurance companies and applications developers to provide electronic solutions to the resolve health records and reimbursement issues. This expertise is uniquely suited to the emerging needs of Germany’s healthcare industry."