ISoft has won two small contracts in South America, signing its first contract in Honduras and its fourth contract in Mexico.

The deal with the Honduras government will see the company develop and implement a system to manage health services, providing a central register of information for government departments.

ISoft is working with three local companies Techassist, Lain Entralgo and ASI Consulting to deliver the contract in nine months.

The deal is part of a broader UN subsidised healthcare development project with the Honduras government. The development project, which is subsidised by the World Bank, aims to bring countries that have less advanced healthcare systems up to scratch.

The UK-based firm has also won its first contract in Mexico’s private healthcare sector. The Real San Jose hospital at Guadalajara will be implementing patient management and clinical applications, which will be integrated with SAP’s financial application.

With the system, healthcare providers will have access to electronic medical histories throughout the hospital including inpatient, outpatients, radiology, laboratory and acute care departments. The combined value of the two contracts is said to be $500,000.

Gary Cohen, IBA’s executive chairman and chief executive, said: “While these contracts are comparatively small, they are very important strategically, giving us a foothold in Honduras and extending our reach in Mexico and a springboard to further increase our presence in Latin America generally.”

Guillermo Ramas, managing director of iSoft southern Europe and Latin America told E-Health Europe: “We are proving that our solutions are versatile and transferable to other health systems.

“Latin America is at the stage in healthcare systems that the UK and US were 15 years ago. The new contracts are important to take our know-how experience to new markets where significant opportunities exist to improve health services in both public and private sectors.”

iSoft already has three other contracts in Mexico, including the contract it was awarded by Nuevo Leon State Healthcare Development to establish Mexico’s first regional-level healthcare IT project. The contract involved integrating a care system across 10 hospitals and 470 health centres last year.