MyGlucoHealth Meter

US-telehealth specialist Entra Health Systems has launched a patient messaging and alerts system designed to support diabetics who use MyGlucoHealth Meter, a platform developed to allow people to self-monitor glucose levels.

The new system allows users of the MyGlucoseHealth bluetooth blood glucose meter and MyGlucoHealth Network, which automatically collects results from patients and converts them into a series of online charts, to set up notifications and reminders to help manage their condition.

By managing their profile online, users can establish high and low thresholds based on their own goals and condition and then designate phone numbers and email addresses so that the alerts can be sent to family members, doctors and care givers if there are critical changes in levels.

Features of the system include allowing users to set up reminders at specified intervals throughout the day to alert the patient to test and upload their stored testing results.

The network, together with the Bluetooth meter and the new alert system, aims to provide an integrated telehealth platform supporting diabetics across the US, UK, Germany, Holland and South Korea.

Richard Strobridge, chief executive officer of American company Entra Health, said: “This unique feature helps engage persons with diabetes in their own individual care as well as forms a partnership with family members to help the patient better monitor their health and manage their disease.”

Stobridge added: “The targets and alerts section of the MyGlucoHealth Portal allows the patient to establish critical threshold settings for blood glucose levels and then communicate significant changes to anyone they designate. The system monitors upload results and automatically sends notifications to the patient, their physician, family member, or caregiver whenever a threshold is exceeded.”



Entra Health Systems