Hitachi Consulting United Kingdom has announced that it has completed the delivery of a portal to support commissioning in London.

The Provider Performance Analytics portal was the first product to be delivered by Commissioning Support for London, a capital-wide clinical and business support service launched on 1 April last year.

The first phase of the PPA was delivered in July and it has been regularly updated with new key performance indicators and functionality since.

The PPA is intended to enable primary care trusts and sector acute commissioning units to benchmark their performance and drill down into specific data sets.

In a statement, Hitachi Consulting United Kingdom said the first phase of the project had to be delivered “in extremely aggressive timescales”, with its Information Management Practice given three months to design, develop and deliver the first phase.

Since the initial launch, 45 key performance indicators have been added. Eventually, up to 200 KPIs will be included.

The PPA has been built on a Microsoft technology stack and makes use of Hitachi Consulting’s KPI framework to determine the way data is collected, structured and displayed.

Link: Hitachi Consulting.