WellSky International (WellSky) has announced it has been working behind the scenes to help deliver the national Covid vaccination programme across the UK.

The purpose of the project was to enable the hospitals identified as Covid vaccine hubs to monitor the receipt and issue of the vaccine, and to enable standardised reporting of the usage of the vaccine.

​ The UK has become the first nation in the world to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, with the first vaccine administered on December 8.

An initial cohort of nearly 50 NHS customers were provided with standarised guidance on how the vaccine should be configured within WellSky Pharmacy systems to allow the reporting to be achieved at a national level. Their systems were updated and tested within a two-week period.

To help the effort, WellSky re-purposed existing configurations of systems to capture and report on the required data elements to a specification provided by NHSX.

In a statement, WellSky said: “We’d like to congratulate our customers on their rapid response and work over the past few weeks to ready their WellSky Pharmacy system for the initial Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine program and future vaccines as they are brought to market.

“Their dedication to this national effort is a testament to the NHS and country as a whole.”

Formerly known as JAC, WellSky is a leading provider of medicines management solutions with installations in over 250 hospital sites in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Their NHS customers include Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust and the company also offered digital support to NHS Nightingale sites earlier this year.