The System C and Graphnet Care Alliance has joined the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB)’s Standards Partnership Scheme – making it the latest in a line of healthcare organisations to commit to interoperability standards.

Joining the Standards Partnership Scheme will give the care alliance the opportunity to support the implementation of standards across its integrated IT solutions for social care and education management, electronic patient records, medicines management and remote monitoring.

The alliance is made up of System C, Graphnet, Liquidlogic, CareFlow Medicines Management and Docobo. With Graphnet already completing the conformance assessment process against PRSB’s standards, the other alliance suppliers now intend to follow suit.

Nick Wilson, chief executive at System C, said: “The Care Alliance and PRSB share an overarching goal to integrate information and make it consistent across multiple settings in order to better support health and social care professionals in delivering excellent patient care and services.

“A movement towards interoperability, better information and safer care is perfectly aligned with the government’s plans to join up health and social care across Integrated Care Systems and we are looking forward to supporting our customers as they work towards this important goal.”

The PRSB’s Standards Partnership Scheme works with digital system software suppliers to assist them in developing, adopting and implementing PRSB records standards within their products. By doing so, it improves system interoperability, and so patient care is enhanced by ensuring the right information can be accessed by the right person wherever they are.

Lorraine Foley, CEO of the PRSB, said: “With Graphnet having joined the Standards Partnership Scheme only at the turn of the year, it’s incredibly gratifying to welcome aboard the full complement of care alliance organisations so soon thereafter.

“It provides us with validation that the programme is delivering significant value to our partners and proving impactful in the drive for interoperability across the sector. Everyone at PRSB is excited by the prospect of driving forward the conformance assessment process for all five organisations, as we look to help the care alliance continue along the path of delivering integrated care.”