Newchurch Ltd has launched what it describes as a technology blueprint to enable Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to implement integrated Primary and Community Care Electronic Patient Records (EPR).

The health IT systems and consultancy firm says that the new blueprint will enable PCTs to build modular, integrated EPR systems in line with latest national guidance that meet both management and clinical requirements.

Newchurch’s complete integrated EPR solution will be launched in March 2003, but the firm says that the core elements that will enable PCTs to meet business-critical requirements are available now. These include: meeting National Service Framework requirements, accessing GP data and enabling community nurses to access data.

Kingsley Manning, chief executive of Newchurch, stressed that PCTs need an information infrastructure that reflects their increased range of responsibilities. "At the same time, they need IT solutions that enable them to effectively inter-operate within the wider health economy."

Andrew Hall, sales director for Newchurch, told E-Health Insider that the new blueprint offered "Better care and a more efficiently managed service".

He added that the new blueprint built on the firm’s existing Frames, Common Care Record and Perspectives IT solutions.

Newchurch’s EPR solution is based on Microsoft’s web-based .Net technology, allowing the integration of existing legacy systems.

The ability to integrate with existing GP ad community systems, through extraction and messaging technologies, is said to protect current investments and remove cultural barriers to change within PCTs.

The system is delivered on an application service provider (ASP) model, reducing procurement and implementation costs.