Five NHS trusts and a private hospital group are set to adopt Manpower Software’s MAPS Healthroster system which is designed to ease the staffing issues at hospitals and trusts and help to control costs.

Manpower says the MAPS solution has been designed for, and in partnership with, the NHS and healthcare market. It aims to deliver verified savings in agency/bank spend of between 40 to 60% and includes an auto-rostering engine which can help to reduce staff overhead, achieving balance between the needs of the ward and the needs of staff.

The solution provides the full range of healthcare workforce planning, from day to day rostering to strategic modelling ten years ahead.

The five trusts that have chosen the software are: Sandwell Mental Health NHS and Social Care Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, County Durham and Darlington Acute NHS Trust, Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust and Ealing Hospital NHS Trust. Private hospital group, HCA International, is the first independent sector organisation to sign a contract for the software.

A Manpower Software spokesperson told E-Health Insider: “Rostering is a fine balance between the clinical needs of the ward, and the needs of staff, especially important with the NHS ‘Improving Working Lives’ initiative. Effective rostering is balancing these two demands, whilst at the same time controlling agency staff use – a difficult challenge. Getting this wrong can have serious implications.

“By implementing the MAPS Healthroster, these healthcare customers can look forward to having a superior rostering system, which will help them make extensive savings on bank and agency spend, and improved efficiency in the rostering of staff.”

The spokesperson added: “Using MAPS Healthroster one trust in the North-east achieved 44% reduction in bank and agency staff spend and 40% reduction in overtime spend. Figures from the same trust, show that from using Healthroster they achieved a 45% increase in fully utilised staff, a 33% reduction in over-utilised staff and a 47% reduction in vacant duties.”

Manpower Software’s director of NHS, Paul Scandrett, commented, “With trusts under severe financial pressure, cutting bank on agency spend is a top priority. The RAs (Rostering Assessments) currently under way with other trusts point to the same – or greater – savings being achievable in NHS acute trusts nationwide. We can now offer the RA process to any acute trust to analyse their current rostering and establishment and forecast their savings by installing MAPS Healthroster.”


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