Pharmacy systems supplier, Cegedim Rx are to launch a new patient messaging system called Message Dynamics as part of Pharmacy Manager and Nexphase systems.

The communications tool has been designed with feedback from the Cegedim Rx User Group and allows pharmacists to communicate directly with their patients via telephone or SMS text about their medications.

When a patient signs up for the service at their local pharmacy, they can select to have a message sent direct to their home telephone or to a mobile telephone using a text message.

The systems automatically recognises when a patient’s repeat prescription is due and sends a message to the patient.

Initial pilots revealed it was important to offer both voice messages as well as the text messaging. The computerised service automatically dials the patient to remind them that their repeat prescription is due and asks if they would like the pharmacy to order it.

Then, once the medicines have been prepared and dispensed, the service again contacts the patient to let them know it is ready for collection.

The service also enables a patient to leave the pharmacist a personal and confidential message, allowing them to discuss any concerns they may have about their medicines and even book a medicines use review with their pharmacist.

A spokesperson said: “The service has proved very cost effective against expensive telephone bills, staff time phoning patients and also improves customer service and prepares the patient for nomination of a pharmacy.”

Chandra Gohil from Gohil Chemist in Coventry has been trialing the system. He said: “I often have members of staff tied up chasing repeat prescriptions and notifying customers their prescriptions have been dispensed. This system is completely automatic as it is integrated into my PMR system; it has saved us huge costs and wasted stock.”

Den Moran, Cegedim Rx sales and marketing director, said: “This new service leads the way in direct communication between pharmacy and patient.”

He added: “It offers pharmacies costs efficiencies, improved customer service and loyalty and is directly linked to recommendations published in the Government’s white paper. It is another example of Cegedim Rx leading the way in pharmacy IT technology by using IT as an enabler to assist the pharmacist to help in their expanding role in the community pharmacy.”


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