French telecomms giant Alcatel-Lucent has announced the launch outside Canada of LifeStat Remote Monitoring and Health Management, a telemedicine service developed with its Canadian partner SaskTel.

The technology will be used to manage patients with chronic conditions in primary care such as diabetes.

Future LifeStat applications will include monitoring and reporting for chronic illnesses such as congestive heart failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  and asthma.

The new service records and transmits daily blood glucose and blood pressure readings, automatically creating confidential, easy-to-use reports that can be viewed online by individuals their health professionals and caregivers.

Alcatel-Lucent is marketing and selling the product internationally under the name Alcatel-Lucent Health and Wellness Application to its global enterprise customers in the utilities and healthcare verticals.

SaskTel will market and sell the LifeStat service directly to consumers and healthcare providers in Canada.

The ongoing development and support of the LifeStat platform and applications will be managed by SaskTel and Alcatel-Lucent through their Salveo project, which is based in Saskatchewan.

The Salveo project, which is funded by SaskTel and Alcatel-Lucent, aims to become an international leader in health and wellness telemonitoring software applications. The project focuses on the development of applications that can help keep people healthier and save costs in the healthcare system.

We are looking forward to using this technology to introduce standard clinical diabetes management in the patient’s home with the help of the Home and Community Care team and the patient’s family physician,” said Dr. Sheldon Tobe, Sunnybrook Hospital Ontario.

"With the launch of LifeStat and the grand opening of Salveo, SaskTel and Alcatel-Lucent are leveraging our combined expertise to deliver the next wave of innovative global telehealth solutions,” said Alex Giosa, President of Alcatel-Lucent Canada."