Image from Version 6.3
of Voxar 3D

Belgium medical imaging specialist Barco has released an updated version of its Voxar 3D advanced visualisation software suite, integrated into Agfa’s IMPAX picture archiving and communication system.

Version 6.3 of Voxar is said to provide streamlined imaging workflow, enabling physicians to read and report their studies faster and more efficiently.

Using the new software, a PACS workstation user can now move from 2D images to creating MIP, MPR, 3D or 4D reconstructions.

Barco says the new Voxar 3D suite is available with a full set of integrated clinical applications. These include VesselMetrix for quantitative 3D vessel analysis; CardiaMetrix for CT cardiac analysis; ColonMetrix for CT colonography; and PET-CT Fusion for the interpretation of whole body oncology studies.

Eric Maurincomme, Agfa’s vice president of marketing and business development, said: “We are convinced that with Barco’s technology integrated in our IMPAX system, customers will experience the full benefit of advanced visualisation functionality that is right at their fingertips.”

Calum Cunningham, market director at Barco, said: “This new integration opens new opportunities for Barco to bring its latest advanced visualisation tools and dedicated clinical applications to Agfa’s large IMPAX customer base around the globe.”

Maurincomme said Barco’s Voxar 3D version 6.3 enhances IMPAX with advanced visualisation. “It combines speed, easy access and advanced functionality in a package that is efficient, reliable and cost-effective.”

Voxar 3D is said to be designed to optimise the ease-of-use and productivity of the daily imaging workflow. The software enables advanced visualisation accessible on any IMPAX workstation over a standard 100 Mbps hospital network.

Voxar 3D also delivers fast loading. With the client-server ‘Enterprise’ version, loading an entire 1000-slice series in full diagnostic quality is said to take around 10 seconds, while a 2000-slice series takes about 13 seconds.

With the introduction of version 6.3, Barco has also put more emphasis on cost-efficiency. It makes use of powerful, off-the-shelf server technology and graphics cards, allowing users to benefit from the latest IT advances at a lower cost.

Barco designs and develops visualisation products for a variety of selected professional markets. The company had sales of €747m in 2007.