GE Healthcare’s Centricity cardiovascular information system has won Frost & Sullivan’s 2008 ‘product line leadership’ award.

The GE CIS system recognised is Centricity Carddas Xi². The CIS is designed to meet cardiologist’s needs for advanced data management and PACS capabilities in a common infrastructure for cardiology and radiology.

According to GE Cardass provides a single environment for Cath Labs, Echo Labs and 3D processing of CT, MR, and PET/CT datasets.

GE is this week presenting the next version of the software at the European Congress of Cardiology in Munich, Germany.

The new version 3.0 offers a set of new features, including a shift to Microsoft’s .NET technology. Additional new features include graphically advanced statistics tool to display statistical results, the scheduler for effective time management and an additional function for clinical vessel based reporting.

The system is designed to be the environment of choice for Cath Labs, Echo Labs and 3D processing of CT, MR, and PET/CT datasets.

Konstantinos Nikolopoulos, programme leader, Healthcare IT & Life Sciences IT at Frost & Sullivan said the trend in cardiology information systems was “away from specific modalities and into single integrated solutions”. He said GE Healthcare has invested in a strong portfolio for cardiology image and data management “that has allowed the company to set the standards for product features and functionality in Cardiology Information Systems”.

Nikolopoulos said: “With in-depth understanding of end-user requirements, robust research and development efforts, demonstrated ability to respond to end-user’s needs and an expanding customer base, GE Healthcare has already created a strong and trustworthy name in the European Cardiology Information Systems market”.

One of the main features of Centricity Carddas Xi² 3.0 is an optimised workflow for echocardiography. For the first time ever, a new functional area for cardiology examinations will be introduced in MR.

This allows an extremely fast and sound diagnosis of MR images. The tool to set-up user specific data fields raises flexibility while documenting for example clinical studies or relevant data and in addition, meets the expectations of a steadily growing demand for an individual user interface.

Dr Ralf Birkemeyer, the lead cardiologist at the cathlab and intensive care unit at the Schwarzwald-Baar Clinics, in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, is one of the first users of Centricity Carddas Xi² 3.0. He said: “The solution is ideal for a profound diagnosis and an optimised workflow in all areas of our cardiology department.”

Dr Birkemeyer added: “The new cardiac MR reporting capabilities help us a lot to keep our cardiology database consistent with all the examination data and findings we are performing in our department.”


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