Philips CareServant

Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust is implementing the first interactive multimedia system from Philips in the UK.

The system, Philips CareServant, will provide patients with an entertainment system, including local cable TV, video on demand and internet access. It will also allow patients to view hospital information such as department opening times.

Additional applications will enable hospital staff to access patient medical records at the bedside via a custom made link to the hospital’s information system.

The trust, which signed the contract with Philips in March, is in the process of installing 17 Philips CareServant touch screens in its gynaecology department and a new private patient ward.

Zafar Chaudry, director of information management and technology, told E-Health Insider: “We had a strong demand for the system as we had virtually no patient entertainment systems before – except for the old TVs on brackets, which are falling apart.

“Looking at the technology available with CareServant, it was a no brainer to get the product and the additional features.”

The system will be implemented in three phases, with phase one consisting of the modular system including Freeview, video on demand, internet access and a display of general hospital information.

The second phase will connect the Philips CareServants to the trust’s Meditech system, so that patients’ electronic medical records can be accessed using them. The final phase will include adding menu ordering applications and the ability for staff to message patients.

The systems will go-live during the first week of June and will then be followed by a 30-day feedback period. If successful, they will be rolled-out to 183 beds.

Jan Van Bekkum, general manager of Philips CareServant told EHI: “This is the first generic hospital in the UK to implement the system. The CareServant provides a modular system, where further applications can be added any time so that the options are boundless.”

“We already have a presence in areas including Germany, the Middle East and the Benelux and are involved in the initial stages of further projects in the UK and hope to see more systems rolled-out subsequently.”

Link: CareServant