iSoft has partnered with an Israeli software developer to launch its new picture archiving and communications-related image viewing software worldwide.

The company developed the system in partnership with CDP Medical Developments, which already has its software installed in more than 250 sites.

Already available, the new product aims to enhance iSoft’s global portfolio of IT products designed to create an integrated electronic record.

The new PACS will allow iSoft to integrate with existing software including the company’s Radiology Information System (RIS) RadCentre and its Hospital Information System.

ISoft says that together with its existing RIS, installed in more than 270 sites including more than 60 in the UK, it will be able to leverage its expertise and complementary imaging systems.

The product is offered as a standalone product or as part of an existing system and is designed to be cost-effective, easily deployable and upgradeable with multi-site scalability.

The new PACS is also embedded as part of iSoft’s Lorenzo project, the system used to create electronic patient records.

Andrea Fiumicelli, iSoft’s chief operating officer, said: “Our new iSoft PACS is a significant development in allowing us to offer an unsurpassed portfolio of solutions that electronically connects patient record content across all healthcare boundaries.”

He added: “iSoft has a long history of transitioning products between markets. With this new solution, together with our local expertise, complementary systems and significant market penetration, we believe we can further differentiate ourselves in the diagnostic imaging space on both functional and commercial criteria.”

iSoft claims that it will allow clinicians in both the public and private radiology and cardiology departments one of the most technically and functionally advanced PACS available.



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