German health IT firm CompuGroup has continued its rapid growth with the purchase of Italian firm FimeSan SpA.

Having first acquired a minority stake in FimeSan SpA in June 2006, CompuGroup has now raised its holding to over 90%. The terms of the deal were not disclosed

CompuGroup says it is already planming further Italian acquisitions.

FimeSan is an Italian e-health consultanty and service provider with headquarters in Molfetta (Bari), a service centre in Melfi (Potenza), and offices in Rome. The company currently employs a staff of 70 and has approximately 8,000 installations.

FimeSan provides solutions for doctors’ surgeries, patient file management and offers a platform that enables deifferent healthcare organisastions and professionals to communicate with each other.

The company is involved in some of Italy’s most important regional projects for the electronic health care, including CRS SISS Lombardy; and SOLE in Emilia Romagna.

CompuGroup says its goal is to make relevant medical information available to healthcare providers through electronic decision support systems on a timely basis. To achieve requires individuals and organizations involved in the healthcare system need to be connected.

"We have strengthened our presence in Italy on the basis of close observation of the Italian market. This market is characterized by complex dynamics and an emphasis on public healthcare management,” said Frank Gotthardt, CEO of CompuGroup.

Gotthardt added: “We anticipate strong organic growth for our company in the Italian market for e-health solutions. And that is entirely in line with our European and international strategies".

"The step we have taken today provides us with a solid foundation for the future. Both in Italy and in Europe", said Antonio Messina, founder and general manager of FimeSan. "We look forward to fruitful cooperation and the opportunity to benefit from valuable synergies generated by this new constellation."

CompuGroup says it plans to buy stakes in other Italian companies in the healthcare sector in the near future.

The most recent purchase includes the complete acquisition of Datasun Srl, a fully-owned subsidiary of FimeSan and a specialist in statistical and epidemiological research. “The consolidation of our interest in FimeSan was just the first step", said Jan Broer, CMO of CompuGroup.



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