ISoft has signed a technology agreement with Klinikum Oberlausitzer Bergland in Eastern Germany, the 555-bed hospital is already using iSoft’s Hospital Information System (HIS).

As part of the €400,000 agreement, iSoft will also implement iSoft Collaboration (iC) Medical Portal as well as the Lorenzo service module for nursing documentation. The portal will allow the hospital to strengthen relationships with GPs and allow them to better utilise their own resources.

The hospital and iSoft say the agreement will help advance the establishment of a regional network of healthcare providers to promote cooperation between registered GPs and patients.

Romain Seibt, IT manager of Klinikum Oberlausitzer Bergland, said: “This innovation agreement ensures that our HIS will always be up-to-date. In addition to offering high investment protection our partnership with iSoft enables us to further strengthen our know-how concerning telematics in the test region and further our technological leadership.

He added: “In my opinion, the only way we are going to be able to continue to provide our patients with the best possible treatment at an affordable price in the intermediate term is to increase the level of networking in the healthcare sector.”

ISoft also claimed to be making headway with six early adopter sites in Germany, who are pilots for the Lorenzo Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solution.

Klinikum Saarbrücken in West Germany has gone-live with its first project phase to combine 20 outpatient clinics into a single clinical system using iSoft’s ClinicCentre HIS.

The next phase, due to begin next year, will involve the introduction of iSoft’s Patient Management System in the whole hospital. This will be followed by the introduction of iSoft Collaboration (iC) by autumn 2010.

Meanwhile, the Christophorus Kliniken in North Rhine-Westphalia, which signed a contract with iSoft earlier this summer, has started implementing an integrated solution from iSoft, which includes the Lorenzo EPR service module. It is being implemented in hospitals in Coesfeld, Dülmen and Nottuln.

ISoft is in the process of renaming all its products with generic names such as iSoft Patient Management for all its Patient Administration Systems, including iPM and PatientCentre.

Similarly, the companies various hospital information systems such as iSoft ClinicCentre will be renamed iSoft Enterprise Management, Laboratory products will be referred to as iSoft Laboratory and radiology products as iSoft Radiology.