Australian software company iSoft has made 36 people redundant from its UK customer support and delivery department as a result of the restructuring project it launched in the summer.

Despite the redundancies, 43 new roles have been created across departments including sales, operations, product management, integration services, commercial and professional services.

However, only five people that might have otherwise faced redundancy have been accepted for the new, permanent, full-time positions.

The company, which is contracted by local service provider CSC to provide its Lorenzo software under the National Programme for IT in the NHS, confirmed that the majority of the leavers left in the last month.

Adrian Stevens, managing director of iSoft UK and Ireland, told E-Health Insider: “The customer support and delivery functions have been merged to remove duplication, improve efficiency and above all, provide a sharper focus on customer service.

"The services delivered to our customers will improve markedly as a result of this reorganisation.”

In August, EHI was shown documents proposing plans for the company to reduce the headcount of UK front line delivery and support staff by up to a third from 193 to 131.

The news came despite iSoft reporting a 137% increase in full year net profits to the Australian stock market a week before.

At the time, the company confirmed that it had launched a 90-day consultation period where a reorganisation of business would be discussed and the merging of support and delivery services would be considered.

The consultation, which was completed at the beginning of November, has led to 36 delivery and support positions being made redundant leaving 178 positions in the department.

Stevens added: “The restructuring was never about cost cutting, but ensuring we have the right skills for the future. The company is growing and requires a different set of skills.

“This is part of my personal commitment to delivering first-rate services to our customers in the pursuit of excellence in service delivery. Improvements in capabilities and providing opportunities for all of our employees was a critical part of the re-organisation.”

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