Parkinson’s UK has teamed up with Our Mobile Health to create a library of apps and devices to support those living with the condition.

In response to increasing demand for technology, the charity wanted to curate a library which listed safe apps and devices.

Our Mobile Health’s role will be to source the apps from developers with Parkinson’s UK setting up a user panel which will test and evaluate the new digital tools, and give advice to other users.

Emma Lawton, devices and apps strategist at Parkinson’s UK, told Digital Health News that the ‘crux’ of the library was to help sort out which apps and devices were the best.

“There are so many apps out there that people have access to,” Lawton said.

“What we are doing is vetting apps and devices to ensure people are using the best ones.”

The library will contain a variety of apps and devices which help track symptoms and help manage the condition.

Apps which promote self-management make up the majority available to those who have Parkinson’s, according to Lawton.

She also added that they can help those suffering with the condition as they keep track of how they are feeling and any symptoms they may be experiencing.

Lawton, who will be help launch the library in January, said as well as helping reviewing apps, she hopes the library will highlight what technology is missing for those living with Parkinson’s.

On Our Mobile Health’s side, reviewers will look at a range of areas such as patient safety and data security.

“It’s fantastic that Parkinson’s UK are responding to the changing needs of people with Parkinson’s and embracing digital health interventions as convenient and supportive tools for those people living with and managing lifelong conditions on a daily basis,” said Julie Bretland, who is the founder and CEO of Our Mobile Health.

Any developers or organisations that have an app or device which can support those living with Parkinson’s can still submit their products.

In a similar move, Macmillan Cancer Support announced in October that it was launching it’s own digital nurse to help combat fake news.

Ellen McPake’s role is to answer questions online to help those affected by cancer.