Healthcare workers using Servelec’s Mosaic and Rio clinical systems will be able to access information from their mobile device following an extended partnership with Totalmobile.

The companies are developing a suite of role-based applications that will allow users of Servelec’s electronic patient record (EPR) and social care  products to work off their tablets and smartphones, rather than having to record information into a desktop PC.

Functionality will be role-dependent but will focused on ensuring critical information about individual patients can be accessed at the point of care.

Alan Stubbs, Servelec’s chief executive, said: “At Servelec, we recognise that to better support practitioners in their roles, the nature of what customers require from our systems is changing. They often need to access our systems away from traditional care settings but may not require the full system to be at their fingertips.

“We’re working with our customers to define the needs of their frontline staff and to make sure our products work with them on their mobile journey.”

Products linked to Servelec’s Rio electronic patient record (EPR) product have already been created, including Totalmobile Mobalise, launched in January.

Mobile solutions for Servelec’s social care platform, Mosaic, are currently in development, the companies said. This includes an app that will enable social care workers to easily organise visits and update case management notes on the go.

Though the new mobile products, Servelec and Totalmobile hope to reduce the amount of time social workers spend in the office to 10%, from an estimated 30% currently.

These will be available from January 2019, while new healthcare apps for Rio will be going live before the end of 2018.

Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile, said: “Providing healthcare professionals with the right mobile working solution empowers them to deliver the highest standard of care, while improving their own working lives and delivering a range of transformational benefits to the organisation.

“We regularly speak to customers who have improved the capacity of their workforce by over 20%, reducing the stress on their existing staff and ensuring the service user benefits as a result.”