Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust has bolstered its network against hackers by rolling out a platform which protects servers which are running legacy operating systems. 

The trust has deployed the Guardicore Centra Security Platform as part of a wider cyber security programme run by Gemserv Health. It is hoped the move will support the trust in retaining its Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

Matt Connor, CIO at the trust, said: “As a Cyber Essentials Plus accredited organisation, cyber security is important and we strive to maintain that standard. We have some residual legacy systems, and placing robust security controls around them is essential.”

He continued: “The Guardicore solution effectively places a secure wall around systems and applications. It provides that extra peace of mind.”

Both Gemserv Health and Guardicore worked with Liverpool Women’s on the proof of concept and subsequent roll-out but in the future, the trust will be able to manage the programme on its own.

David Newell, head of health at Gemserv Health, added: “It is exciting to see Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust taking such a proactive stance on network security and being willing to run a proof of concept from which others in the region are already benefitting. There are many broad, flat networks across the NHS that are difficult to segment to reduce the risk of a breach in one area spreading to another.

“The solution adopted by Liverpool Women’s is an innovative, next generation product that offers effective protection for a much lower administrative overhead than traditional responses.”

Liverpool Women’s are not alone in bolstering their defences – last month NHS Test and Trace enhanced its cyber security measures with Risk Ledger.