The latest roundup of contracts and go lives features news from Birmingham Community Healthcare and Leeds Teaching Hospitals, who both selected Wellola to deploy new patient portal platforms.

East Lancashire Hospitals to deploy Alcidion’s Miya Flow

We start with the news that the patient flow technology across East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust will be upgraded after the trust struck a deal with Alcidion to deploy Miya Flow.

The new system will help wards and clinical teams to ensure streamlined admission, timely care and effective discharge management of patients.

Miya Flow will be configured to provide clinical specialities with electronic journey boards that display significant relevant information at-a-glance for the patients in their care.

This will allow ward staff, medical staff, dieticians, therapists, pharmacists and a whole range of specialist clinical teams to have easier visibility of what they must do to ensure patients move forward in their care journey without delays.

Birmingham Community Healthcare select Wellola to implement new patient portal

As April neared its conclusion, it was announced that Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has selected Wellola to deliver a new patient portal platform.

The new platform will enable the trust to offer enhanced patient-facing services, including the ability for patients to view aspects of their medical record, manage appointments, complete online forms and receive educational resources.

It is hoped the platform will allow the trust to change the way it engages with patients and involve them in their healthcare. The platform will manage the two million patient interactions Birmingham Community Healthcare has with patients across the West Midlands region each year.

The implementation is currently underway with a view to deploy across all areas of the trust over the coming months. Once complete, more power will be put into the hands of patients when it comes to managing their care.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals select Wellola to deploy new patient portal

The beginning of May saw Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust follow in the footsteps of Birmingham Community Healthcare by selecting Wellola to deliver its new patient portal platform.

As well as involving patients more in their care and being able to manage interactions, Leeds Teaching Hospitals also hopes the platform will help with plans to tackle elective waiting lists and create virtual wards.

The Portasana platform is a highly modularised and interoperable patient portal built in an AWS infrastructure. It will allow the trust to deliver enhanced patient-facing services across all of its seven locations.

This includes the ability for patients under Leeds to view their medical records, message healthcare providers, receive educational resources and track their symptoms.

Torbay and South Devon go live with TPP’s SystmOne Maternity

The opening week of May also saw Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust go live with TPP’s SystmOne Maternity, enabling the trust to digitise their entire maternity pathway.

The system is being used by all midwives in the region, including those at the hospital and in the community and will benefit more than 2,500 women every year, with their maternity care now focussed on a complete, integrated digital care record.

Midwives now have instant access to all of the maternity data they need. For example, midwives working in postnatal care can easily view all antenatal care and delivery details.

SystmOne Maternity allows all medical and nursing notes to be captured in a single record, providing staff with the information required to make the best clinical decisions and enhance safety for mothers and babies.

Hillingdon Hospitals rolls out IMMJ’s MediViewer system

Finally, Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has rolled out IMMJ Systems’ MediViewer electronic document management system across 10 clinical specialities in a bid to digitise patient records.

The system allows the hospital to scan, index and archive paper medical records which can then be accessed by healthcare professionals through a fast, intuitive touch screen used interface from anywhere.

It is hoped that the introduction of MediViewer will improve patient experience and alter the way patient care can be delivered as it provides a complete overview of a patient’s health record quickly and efficiently.

So far the trust has digitised over 15,000 patient records and intends to roll out the system across all specialities. Following IMMJ supporting the roll out in ophthalmology, the trust resources will now support its delivery across the remaining specialities.