Ferrania UK has announced that eight NHS trusts are now using its LifeWeb TraumaCad orthopaedic templating software.

The TraumaCad solution is said to provide a quick, easy-to-use solution for routine pre-surgical templating, through importing and exporting of any PACS file (CT, X-ray etc.). JPEG scanner and digital camera pictures can also be imported.

Ferrania say that TraumaCad can cost-effectively simplify preoperative planning, particularly in complex procedures.

According to Ferrania the Traumacad solution (right) is designed so that it can be dropped into any PACS environment. It provides an orthopaedic department with a film-free capability via the DICOM query/retrieve module and the ability to send the completed planned image for permanent storage via the DICOM store service.

Displaced components can easily be ‘cut out’ and repositioned, allowing surgeons to see several on-screen scenarios, both viewing and measuring the results of various options. The system also offers instant access to a digital template library from most leading orthopaedic manufacturers, via the web, and new or additional templates can easily be added or incorporated.

The eight NHS trusts that have take the solution so far are:

• James Paget Healthcare NHS Trust — Great Yarmouth

• King’s College Hospital NHS Trust — London

• Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust — Broomfield

• Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust — Newcastle

• North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust — Basingstoke

• North West Wales NHS Trust — Bangor

• Milton Keynes General Hospital NHS Trust — Milton Keynes

• South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre — Epsom

“LifeWeb TraumaCad delivers what orthopaedic departments want,” said Ian Wilson, business manager, Ferrania LifeImaging, North West Europe. “It streamlines interventions, enhances outcomes and cuts costs, by enabling advanced orthopaedic surgical planning through seamless digital workflow.”