Scalable Networks, a provider of secure network solutions, has announced the completion of a remote access solution for up to 1,500 staff Bedford Hospital NHS Trust.

The first phase of the remote access system has already been rolled out to clinical staff, including pharmacists and radiologists at the hospital.

The remote access solution should be particularly useful to staff like radiologists, who can be working across several hospitals. In order to maximise their time, they need to be able to work around the clock and have access to patient information immediately.

Standardising the communications process and enabling the transfer of critical patient files, such as X-rays and scans, across hospital departments, will help improve the patient care process and ensure a smoother, more efficient service.

Craig Pickard, assistant director of IT operations at the trust said, “Seamless communications at each stage of treatment is essential. Information can now be shared more easily, allowing for immediate diagnosis, irrespective of where or when that diagnosis is required.”

Pickard added: “This not only improves the overall patient experience, it also streamlines communications across the Trust, and opens a pool of on-demand resource.”

The thin client Netilla remote access solution provided by Scalable has also made it easier for IT staff to carry out essential maintenance. Upgrades, repairs and software patches can now be introduced much more quickly and effectively.


Pickard said that before Scalable deployed the remote access solution, any necessary work had to be conducted onsite, regardless of whether it was the middle of the night.

According to Scalable the Netilla system deployed is fully scalable and will be able to accommodate an increasing number of users that need access to the hospital’s network. The hospital trust plans to provide greater remote access to systems to staff working across the local primary care trust, to strengthen the flow of information between different clinicians providing patient care.

Simon Brown, director, Scalable Networks comments, “Scalable prides itself on being able to deliver solutions to its healthcare customers that benefit both patient and employee. Remote access has provided Bedford with the immediacy needed to ensure operations run smoothly and the best possible treatment given to patients.”