TPP’s SystmOne is now being offered as an integrated primary care solution to users in the NHS Connecting for Health North West and West Midlands (NWWM) cluster with local service provider, CSC.

The move was announced by TPP, the Leeds-based supplier that already supplies SystmOne in the North-east and Eastern clusters formerly managed by Accenture and taken over by CSC on 8 January.

In addition, under the new agreement between TPP, CSC and CFH, TPP will be able to deploy all of SystmOne’s modules to all three of CSC’s NHS clusters as part of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT).

SystmOne’s modules cover GP, child health, community, prison health care units, palliative care, emergency centres, homeless units, drug rehabilitation units, and primary care trust reporting sites.

The announcement from TPP said: “TPP and CSC are committed to the same strategy and will work together to continue the successful roll-out of the integrated clinical system, SystmOne, maintaining high levels of service and support, and an unwavering dedication to the National Programme for IT.

“TPP is looking forward to continuing the roll-out of SystmOne with CSC, enabling more primary care staff to enjoy integrated record sharing, and more patients to benefit from the improved care this brings.”

TPP was a success story in the North-east and Eastern England clusters during challenging times for Accenture in its tenure as the local service provider (LSP). The company’s brisk progress in implementing primary care systems contrasted with the difficulties Accenture encountered in persuading hospital trusts to take the LSP’s offerings for the acute sector.

The TPP announcement confirms that the firm has been in discussions with CSC since Accenture announced its withdrawal from the NPfIT on 28 September.

The company says that it will discuss possible demand for SystmOne with CSC and the NWWM strategic health authorities (SHAs) over the next two months. It advises primary care trusts to contact their SHAs if they wish to discuss the announcement.