Clinical decision support specialist, First DataBank Europe has secured contracts to add its systems to the Map of Medicine and Siemens’ Soarian electronic patient record system.

Siemens and FDBE have already worked together in America, and will now collaborate to integrate the decision support system into the UK version of Soarian.

Siemens’ IT solutions business development and product manager, Peter Whitfield, said: “We chose to work with FDBE because of its expertise in the field of clinical decision support. Soarian ensures that clinical best practice is highlighted throughout the care process. Care decisions are optimised via Soarian’s workflow driven processes, presenting important information to clinicians during planning, delivering and documenting care. FDBE’s knowledge base will help us maximise this decision support throughout the medication process.”

Siemens hope that with FDBE’s knowledge base and decision support, Soarian will improve patient safety by helping clinicians and healthcare staff to reduce medication errors at the point of prescribing and administration.

FDBE’s decision support will be integrated into the system to support clinician prescribing and nurse administration by carrying out clinical checks, including: drug to drug interactions, sensitivities, drug doubling and duplicate therapy.

The clinical decision support software will check the medication about to be prescribed against information held in the electronic patient record and generate an alert message if there are potential clinical problems.

Working with Informa, owners of the Map of Medicine, FDBE will use its SNOMED-CT mapping to integrate its clinical decision support into the Map of Medicine. When a clinician is about to prescribe from within the Map of Medicine, Multilex DDF will carry out a filtering process to present a list of suggested medicinal products suitable to treat that particular condition. The decision support will also facilitate checking potential interactions, allergies, contraindications and precautions for the particular patient.

Craig Rhodes, Informa’s innovation and development manager, said: “Integration with FDBE is very important to us because it will enable our clinical end users to access drug information from within the Map of Medicine. A key focus this year for the Map of Medicine is to work with knowledge providers, providing users with the right information at the right time."

Keith Kirtland, sales and marketing director at FDBE, commented:

“This is an exciting opportunity for FDBE to work with Informa, not only in the UK market, but also globally. FDBE is always looking to integrate its products into new environments and the work on the Map of Medicine is a truly innovative implementation of Multilex DDF.

“We are confident that our knowledge and experience in this sector will enable us to work with Siemens to deliver real patient safety benefits and we look forward to developing a strong working relationship with Siemens here in the UK.”



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