BridgeForward to integrate Dictaphone solution

  • 26 February 2008

Nuance’s Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions division will use BridgeForward Software’s Edge4 integration layer to support integration of its Vocada Veriphy critical test result management (CTRM) solution with other clinical information systems.

Vocada Veriphy is used to create an advanced channel for communication of patient findings within a hospital and across multiple hospitals and departments, used across the US and some European hospitals.

Working with BridgeForward, Nuance has completed a technical integration framework using Edge4, so that the CTRM can communicate with other systems, including laboratory, radiology, cardiology and pathology.

Peter White, general manager of Vocada Veriphy at Nuance’s Dictaphone Healthcare Solutions division, said: “Edge4 allows us to focus on what we do best – critical test result management – while reducing the cost and effort associated with getting Veriphy synched up and running with our hospital customers’ many departmental systems.

“By bundling Edge4 with our CTRM solution we are able to rapidly integrate Veriphy into any healthcare provider organisation environment without difficulty, regardless of what systems are resident.”

CTRM is important to hospitals across Europe and the US as it is seen as a strategic pathway to greater patient safety, better patient outcomes and higher productivity.

BridgeForward say that as a result of this new partnership, “healthcare provider organisations will be offered a one-stop source to drive the seamless integration of Veriphy with their various departmental systems.

The company’s senior vice president, Kevin O’Brien, added: “Nuance knows, and a recent study confirms, that the number one factor in choosing an application system vendor is the ability of that vendor to integrate its solution with existing clinical systems. Edge4 addresses that requirement.”

Edge4 was released to the European market last October by BridgeForward.

The product is based on the ClearSpan Server, used extensively in the US and is aimed at ‘reducing the challenge and cost of application integration for ‘best of breed’ software suppliers who must integrate their solutions into their customer’s legacy environment.’





Joe Fernandez

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