iSoft has successfully installed i.Laboratory in the Mater Dei hospital, Malta, five months after signing a contract to implement the system.

Mater Dei’s 150 laboratory scientists conduct 4.5m tests each year for healthcare professionals throughout Malta. The hospital used to record laboratory information manually, before the Maltese government decided to move the electronic service to the large site.

Robin Dickie, project manager for the deployment, told E-Health Europe: “This was quite a challenging and enjoyable implementation progress with a very aggressive timeline. Moving the system from an old hospital to Mater Dei has been a great challenge, but we are confident the switch will make a difference.

“iSoft’s i.Laboratory systems will speed the turnaround of test results, increase the accuracy of test data and patient information, enhance the legibility of critical reports, and provide better access to patient demographics and specimen records, all improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.”

iSoft were subcontracted by Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) to install the system into Mater Dei Hospital as part of the Government of Malta’s Integrated Health Information System (IHIS) program to attain the highest quality patient care for the citizens of Malta.

The hospital already use iSoft’s iPM and iCM systems, and are now able to combine the laboratory system with their records system and enable full integration throughout the hospital, with notes updated in real-time.

Every ward within Mater Dei will be able to order tests and view the results online.

“Meticulous planning and great team work with ACS enabled us to meet an urgent customer need,” said Paul Richards, managing director of iSoft.

“This implementation took less than five months to complete, which is a considerable achievement for a project of this scale and complexity.”

i.Laboratory allows tests, samples, and results to be tracked across all of the hospital’s laboratories, including chemistry, haematology, immunology, microbiology, virology, toxicology, pathology, and cytology.

“The rapid implementation of this system was designed to provide quick benefits to the citizens of Malta,” said Charles Bracken, managing director of ACS Healthcare Solutions.

“Not only were we required to install new digital technology, but laboratory and radiology services had to be completely updated in the process, and all of this needed to happen while Mater Dei Hospital was moving to a new campus.”

He added: “By developing and deploying important IT partnerships, we were able to meet our aggressive deadlines. We transferred our healthcare knowledge to the Government of Malta in record time.”