The Märkische Kliniken hospital group, based in southern Germany, says it has integrated medical, nursing and administrative IT processes following the installation of the Agfa Orbis hospital information system (HIS) in its three main hospitals.

The hospital group hopes that by switching to one HIS, they will be able to improve the quality of patient treatment by providing fast and access to patients’ complete medical histories, including all images and data.

Robert Schüwer, commercial manager of Märkische Kliniken, said: “Agfa’s ORBIS solution provides us with a highly integrated, yet flexible, IT-based control tool for our medical, nursing and administrative processes.”

He added: “With the HIS solution from Agfa HealthCare, we are not only increasing our economic efficiency, we are also enhancing the quality of the medical care in our clinics by freeing up resources and capacities."

Märkische Kliniken’s three main hospitals have been progressively replacing their existing, and highly diverse, software with Agfa HealthCare’s integrated ORBIS Hospital Information System (HIS) since the start of this year.

Karen Middlehurst, sales specialist for Agfa HealthCare’s HIS/CIS products, told E-Health Europe: “Orbis is very well established in Germany and is perfectly positioned to provide the Märkische Kliniken group with pretty much everything they need on one solution, including the PAS and billing functionality German doctors need by law in order to be paid by private insurance firms.”

Reiner Niehaus, sales and marketing manager at Agfa HealthCare Germany, added: “By selecting ORBIS, the Märkische Kliniken hospital group is underpinning its commitment to the ongoing integration of its medical and healthcare facilities."

Neihaus added: “The process reengineering provided by Agfa HealthCare’s integrated IT solutions will help the group meet high standards of care for many years to come. We have now successfully deployed ORBIS in over 850 institutions and it has in excess of 500,000 daily users.”

Further implementations across its many clinics are due to be completed in the second half of this year.

The company will also be installing its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, and a HydMedia Document Management System (DMS) for direct data storage, which also serves as the basis for the transfer of archived data.

Clinics in Werdohl and Letmathe are also being integrated via a Citrix SSL VPN Access Gateway.


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