Aerotel Medical Systems, a specialist in mobile and home-based telemedicine and telecare solutions, has partnered with GEBOA SA, to launch Aerotel’s GeoSKeeper GPS personal location system in Switzerland.

The new GPS personal safety and location system will be marketed in Switzerland under the brand name of AlarmTouch.

AlarmTouch GPS is a personal telecare safety device, intended for the elderly, children and lone workers.

AlarmTouch GPS is a personal safety phone with GPS location. The telecare device includes a ‘geofencing’ feature, enabling accurate location of users in need. When the wearer wanders outside a specified zone – such as home of school area – the system can send a short message (SMS) alert to a monitoring centre or to a relative or caregiver.

The GPS telecare device will be available in phone outlets and through some response centers across the country. The two companies plan to introduce the products in France as well as other European markets.

“AlarmTouch GPS is taking personal emergency response systems and social alarm systems, to the next level," said Ofer Atzmon, vice president for business development at Aerotel Medical Systems, "it can activate a warning signal or initiate a voice call in case of need, identifying the caller’s location and enabling him or her to get immediate assistance.”

Aerotel Medical Systems is a specialist in cost-effective, high quality, user-friendly, medical diagnostic systems and devices for home care, e-health and telemedicine as well as telecare and personal safety.

On 27 January the product was presented on Euronews and is available for viewing in multiple languages.