Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust has announced it has chosen Imprivata OneSign to provide a single sign-up solution, enabling staff to use just one password to access multiple systems.

The single sign-on will help staff access patient information more quickly and securely.

Previously, staff have had to manage up to five passwords to access different applications, but the trust has said it can no longer rely on ‘human nature as the frontline of security for clinical applications’.

When OneSign is fully implemented staff will be able to use their NHS Smart Cards to quickly access patient data and switch from shared workstations using a single log-in.

Herb Parker, head of strategic infrastructure programme at Oxford, told E-Health Insider:

“The trust will be going live in two phases. The first phase will be implementing the password reset capability, to reduce the 1,000 phone calls our IT helpdesk receives per week.

“The second phase will involve delivering the system to the emergency service department by the end of May."

If successful, the single sign-on software will be rolled-out to the trust. Although in trials, the trust has already bought 10,000 licences from Imprivata, including 3,000 for single sign-on to enable the trust’s staff to access applications such as NHS Spine databases with one log-on.

Another 7,000 staff will have access to OneSign’s self service password reset tool.

The trust began considering a single sign on solution two years ago but has experienced significant delays in implementation as a result of a high turnover of IT staff at the hospital.

Oxford is also planning to deploy a clinical context management system from Carefx, which has been driven by the deployment of OneSign and to which it will be linked.

Carefx will allow clinicians to access patient data that is typically held on multiple applications, such as x-ray and blood test results, through a single point of authentication. The platform is also in the trial stages but the trust hope it will also be live by the end of May.

Omar Hussain, president and chief executive officer of Imprivata said: “Now more than 115,000 users in over 50 NHS trusts are using the OneSign appliance based solution to drive down the cost of managing user identity, ensuring medical staff can access they need quickly with maximum security.”



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