The Ortivus MobiMed pre-hospital e-health system

Swedish health IT specialist Ortivus has signed an agreement with Swedish IT security provider SE46 AB.

Ortivus specialises in wireless-based e-health solutions and software designed to ensure patients get accurate medical treatment and expertise instantly throughout the care process.

Ortivus classifies all their products, including their electronic Patient Record system for ambulance services, as Medical technology products in according to the Medical Device Directive.

The company said that recent IT security related incidents within the healthcare sector emphasised the need to raise the level of security on medical equipment. Ortivus will implement SE46’s IT security solution as a component in their MobiMed and CoroNet systems, to protect them against malicious and hostile code.

“Through the partnership with SE46 we can now offer our customers a revolutionary solution that provides complete protection against hostile code and that does not require continuous external updates in order to maintain security and that doesn’t affect the performance of our systems,” said Per Sletmo, vice president of R&D and Operations at Ortivus.

Unlike conventional approaches, SE46 antivirus software does not rely on being connected to a server or being provided with new signatures or updates.

By only permitting authorised software, files and applications to run with the use of digital certificates, critical systems are provided an elegant protection against hostile code without affecting the functionality or performance of the system.

“Ortivus initiative will pave the way for more manufacturers and providers of medical equipment to utilize proactive IT security solutions. Using our methods for certification of software we can create a reliable and well defined environment in which an increased patient safety can be provided,” said Anna Barkvall, marketing manager and head of SE46s partner program.

In total, more than 2600 emergency services, 1000 ambulances and 500 hospital beds are equipped internationally with Ortivus medical equipment and software.