iPhone critical careOn Monday Apple showcased a third party app that allows doctors to monitor patients’ vital signs remotely.

The iPhone application allows real-time heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and other data to be transmitted from patient monitors to a doctors’ iPhone. The Critical Care application was demonstrated at Apple’s annual developers conference in San Francisco as something that could be used by on-call hospital doctors.

The Critical Care app from AirStrip Technologies has yet to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, but according to a Reuters report the company behind the application, Airstrip technologies, said it was in advanced testing and expects the application to be available soon.

According to AirStrip Technologies’ website, the platform is designed to securely deliver critical patient information, including virtual real-time waveform data, “directly from hospital monitoring systems to a doctor or nurse’s smart phone, laptop or desktop”.

AirStrip Technologies offers mobile, medical software applications that deliver this vital data directly to mobile devices, including smart phones. The applications are powered over wired and wireless networks.

AirStrip technologies is based on San Antonio, Texas.