Italian healthcare IT company NoemaLife has completed its implementation of its Galileo Enterprise electronic medical record system in the Lodi hospital in Lombardy, Northern Italy, and is now continuing to add functionality.

The hospital, which decided in 2008 that it wanted to enhance its clinical IT, says the system has already improved efficiency and while delivering greater accuracy in collecting and delivering data.

Flavio Cassinari, IT director at Lodi, said: “We wanted a provider who could tap into our extensive knowledge base and build on the existing processes in place to enhance the daily working life of the hospital.”

The roll-out involved: the implementation of a clinical data repository for real-time access to the patient’s clinical history; an order management module connecting all departments; and a care management module to streamline patient-centred clinical processes such as drug prescription and administration or clinical documentation.

The digital record contains background information on the patient, such as family history, notification of any allergies and pathology findings.

It also builds into a clinical diary noting every action that has been carried out on the patient, including the date, time, name and job title of the person administering treatment and the specific activity carried out.

This clinical record doubles up as an effective handover between staff, flagging any outstanding or pending actions to new team members.

In addition, the system integrates with technology already in place at the hospital, such as bar-coded patient wristbands. And it links up to medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, feeding the results back into the patient record.

Cassinari added: “We have found that Galileo has introduced greater accuracy in how data is collected and as well as creating an audit trail of who has done what, improving patient safety and accountability.”

The hospital now plans to extend Galileo to incorporate surgical operating theatre workflows and specialist departments such as oncology and palliative care.

Link: NoemaLife