The Long Term Plan included an ambition by the NHS to promote the use of technology to help reduce the pressures on GP practices and improve care which would in turn, help support those who live and work in and around care homes.

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant many Primary Care organisations and GP practices have faced increased demand from residents in care homes, particularly since the onset of Covid-19 resulting in delays for residents receiving care, increased hospital admissions, inefficient use of healthcare resources and pressures on an already stretched workforce.

South Doc Services (SDS) and SDSmyhealthcare have attempted to address these issues in the Birmingham region by launching two new services for Care Homes, delivered via the Substrakt Health CareHome app.

The services include virtual ward rounds and a virtual support service, which gives every care home facility the ability to get advice as to the best cause of treatment for residents in their care.

This case study outlines the results and benefits of these services and how they have helped to improve access to primary care for care home residents.

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