King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has upgraded its EuroKing maternity information system to the new E3 version of the software.

Using the new E3 system, the trust will benefit from increased functionality including patient filtering, care pathways, risk management, electronic partogram, real-time data entry and document management.

E3 is a new web-based version of the Miracle Maternity Information System, which now runs on Intersystem’s Cache technology platform and is designed to be operated out of data centres or delivered on an application service provider basis.

The latest version of the Miracle system covers maternity including ante-natal clinic, day assessment unit, Antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal wards, pregnancy emergency assessment area and the neonatal unit.

The trust has been using EuroKing systems since 1984 and have previously upgraded from the K1 to the K2 system.

Pam Dobson, specialist midwife at Kings said: “EuroKing’s strengths above other suppliers is its ability to offer a flexible system which can be tailored to meet existing working practices as well as the company’s commitment to providing the very best in care and service”.

“It was a natural progression to upgrade to E3, especially now being able to take full advantage of E3’s Connect2 capabilities which will allow us to roll out into the community, giving mothers more choice over where and how they give birth”.

Jonathan Raife, chief executive of EuroKing told E-Health Insider: “E3 takes our experience of the past 22-years and incorporates it into a new web-based system that includes care pathways. King’s College was one of our first sites we deployed systems in and are the first to have had all three system upgrades from us. This will bring immense benefits to the care of newborn babies to the trust.”

Raife said: “E3 combines all our knowledge – it meets all government requirements, including standards needed for the National Program for IT in England, however, most importantly, it meets clinician’s needs and helps with the day-to-day clinical care of the most vulnerable in our society.”

At King’s College the E3 MIS will be accessed by more than 200 users and work across the antenatal, labour, and postnatal departments. According to Euroking a key feature of the software is its Connect2 capability will allow the MIS to work within the hospital’s existing workflow patterns and provides the trust with the option to roll out E3 into GP surgeries and the community.

The system will also be fully integrated with the obstetric ultrasound department via GE Healthcare’s ViewPoint, supplied and implemented by EuroKing.

ViewPoint will provide a complete digital documentation system allowing robust reporting and image archiving functions, integrating patient scheduling, examination data and lab results into one electronic record.

King’s College will also be integrating E3 with its Trium Cardiotocograph monitoring and archiving system, for monitoring the hearts of babies during childbirth. The system gives midwives the capability of monitoring up to 24 beds from one work station and ensures all data is captured electronically and immediately stored on the E3 mother and baby record, giving an up to date snapshot of mother and baby’s health at any time.

King’s College is the third of EuroKing Miracle’s customers to successfully ‘go live’ with E3, the company’s third generation maternity information system in the UK. Raife says that EuroKing is now talking to over 40 trusts with Hillingdon planning to go live with E3 next month.

“More and more, trusts are seeing the need to look for new maternity systems to bring their trusts up to date and with the best functionality possible. We are speaking to around 40 trusts to demonstrate to them the benefits that a system like E3 can bring."

"E3 will meet trust needs, whether it’s reducing the costs of litigation, reducing waste of professional and patient time, or reducing unnecessary duplication."