The Swedish National Patient Overview (NPO) has chosen to use InterSystems HealthShare software, in a five year contract worth SEK 115m (€12.2m).

The software will be installed by Swedish supplier TietoEnator and should be ready for production within 12 months.

The NPO is designed to enable regional and local care providers, in both the public and private sectors, to share patient information.

Within the next nine months, it should be ready for piloting within the Örebro County Council and municipality.

InterSystem’s director of healthcare business development, Phil Birchall, told E-Health Europe: “HealthShare provides a platform for connected healthcare, where patients can build their own virtual ecosystem to look after their own healthcare. It has been successfully used in the US and Brazil for regional care, used to aggregate and share clinical data across multiple organisations, and we look forward to seeing this on a national scale in Sweden.”

HealthShare allows the creation of a summary views, showing a patient’s medical record on a national basis for the NPO. Patients and clinicians will be able to share information on the web-based system wherever they are, so long as they are authorised to do so.

“The national patient overview provides a modern tool to make co-operation between the county councils, local authorities and other healthcare providers even more efficient. One particular point of interest is that individual citizens will eventually have access to their own medical records via the internet,” said Jan B. Andersson, responsible for the Scandinavian healthcare business in TietoEnator.

According to InterSystems, HealthShare will provide the flexibility and ease of deployment that Sweden wanted from the system.

Mike Fuller, marketing director for Europe, said: “HealthShare gives a platform to manage change at every point. For Sweden, the flexibility to be able to pull things together, whilst ensuring the same high quality of information was very important. HealthShare meets these requirements and helps to collate records from all the different systems in an easy collaborative way.”

Kerry Stratton, InterSystems’ managing director of healthcare, added: “The Nordic healthcare market is regularly cited as the frontrunner in the development of digital healthcare. This is in part because the Nordic countries have applied modern technology to deliver high standards of care, but also because of the commitment to provide those high levels of care to all citizens in these countries.

“This nationwide HealthShare project will enable us to share the experiences gained from Sweden with other nations as they seek to develop Electronic Health Records for the benefit of their citizens.”





Joe Fernandez