Biotronik Lumax 540

German telemedicine device specialist, Biotronik, has launched a new home monitoring device offering remote, wireless advanced patient management and providing daily protection for patients with life-threatening cardiac conditions.

Biotronik’s ‘Home Monitoring’ system has been designed to enable continuous automatic daily data transmission of the patient’s cardiovascular status.

Once wirelessly connected, the information is sent directly to the patient’s physician online, allowing them to continuously check their patients’ cardiac status.

"With The Biotronik Home Monitoring technology, we are able to access patient data online anywhere in the world and allow physicians to tailor the treatment to our individual patients," said Professor Panos Vardas of the cardiology department at University Hospital, Heraklion, in Crete, Greece.

The Home Monitoring system can be configured to work alongside Biotronik’s cardiovascular monitoring system, Lumax 540. Biotronik says that the two systems can integrate together “using a unique set of state-of-the-art features to ensure that patients receive the appropriate therapy adapted to their individual needs while maintaining optimal safety.”

This includes configuring Lumax 540 to adapt sensing characteristics to individual patient needs to ensure accurate arrhythmia detection, and using its ‘Defibrillation Threshold Manager’ to ensure that life-saving shock therapy can be delivered successfully, where necessary.

A Biotronik spokesperson told E-Health Europe: “We are delivering tomorrow’s care standards to patients today. Home Monitoring will ensure that patient’s minds are put to ease, and with integration to Lumax 540, any patient with cardiac problems can be assured their physician is always aware of their health status.

“The data is available to patients and the physician via Home Monitoring for daily automatic event detection and on-demand online patient status reviews. This is an exciting new development for Biotronik.”

A heart failure monitor can detect changes in heart failure conditions by monitoring a range of clinical predictors set by the physician. Through integration with Home Monitoring, physicians can monitor this clinically relevant data, helping to ensure an early detection of worsening heart failure status.

"Patients could benefit from this extended battery life due to the need for fewer device replacements over time, thereby improving quality of life and at the same time helping to reduce healthcare costs," said Marlou Janssen, vice president of global marketing and sales in cardiac rhythm management at Biotronik.

"With the Lumax 540 series, Biotronik has demonstrated its commitment to patients by developing the highest quality devices that offer daily protection with optimal therapy delivery for an improved quality of life, which will help to save patients’ lives," he added.

Biotronik has also configured the devices to ensure that all essential follow up data is made available to physicians for review. This can either be printed out, or transferred onto any other system wirelessly.