The US Food and Drug Administration has given marketing clearance to the DRX-1 System from Carestream Health.

The company claims the DRX-1 is the industry’s first wireless digital radiography detector, and that now it has FDA clearance it will start taking orders and shipping within weeks.

The system incorporates a console and a wireless cassette-sized DR detector that will fit into existing x-ray rooms and is intended to provide a fast, affordable conversion for users of radiographic film or computed radiography systems.

It incorporates the same software and image processing capability as Carestream Health’s Kodak DirectView CR and Dr systems, and can therefore deliver the same kind of image quality and workflow benefits. Preview images are delivered in around five seconds.

Images can be transmitted as DICOM files to a picture archiving and communications (PACS) or storage device.

“This innovative wireless detector presents an extremely attractive option for facilities that want to improve productivity and image quality in existing film or CR rooms, but do not have the budget for equipment replacement,” said Diana Nole, president, digital medical solutions, Carestream Health.

CarestreamHealth provides dental and medical imaging systems and other healthcare solutions to more than 150 countries.

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