The health service of the Balearic Islands has awarded the tender for the development of an electronic health record to Fujistu, in conjunction with its partners Oracle and Orion Health.

IB-Salut signed the contract worth €6.7m, saying it wanted to transform its existing model of dispersed health information into an integrated EHR.

The project known as “La Historia de Salud” (The History of Health) will give clinicians a global view of a patient’s clinical history, whatever application they are using, and support the development and implementation of telemedicine tools.

Fujitsu, Oracle and Orion Health first started working with IB-Salut in 2005, when a “health summary” was created, a clinical portal architecture defined and a number of hospitals and laboratories integrated.

The latest stage of the project, which is expected to last for two years, is intended to develop further functionality and to complete the implementation of La Historia de Salud in the community.

Luis Alegre Latorre, healthcare director of IB-Salut, said: “The Historia de Salud project has gone beyond what we had envisaged.

“Other clinical projects have arisen, such as the first registry for acute coronary syndrome, for which the Ministry of Health and Consumption has recently awarded the prize of best innovation for the global improvement of the quality of healthcare.”

The project will use Oracle Healthcare Transaction Base for its clinical repository, Orion Health Rhapsody Integration Engine and Orion Health Concerto Clinical Portal. Fujistu will contribute professional infrastructure, services, support and direct the other vendors.

José María Moyano, commercial director of health for Fujistu services, said: “We feel proud to be able to collaborate in this innovative project that integrates patients’ clinical history and makes it accessible to all healthcare levels through a unique co-operative web portal, improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare in the Balearic Islands.”