Siemens has announced it has improved its SAP-based information system,, by adding new modules and integrating primary components of its Soarian workflow solution for the first time.

The integration comes as part of the latest offering by Siemens for – Enhancement Package 4. The two new modules also have a similar design to Soarian.

The first module, ward documentation workstation, maps routine clinical situations and serves as a production control and monitoring system.

Only information relating to a user’s current phase of treatment is withdrawn from the patient record and displayed. The module comes with a new user interface with a Soarian-orientated operating concept.

The second module, allocation management, allows the bed resources of more than one hospital to be viewed and managed.

The new offering also provides supplements to the medication module, including an extended medicine search function and a fast input feature for standard prescriptions.

Harald Bartl, Siemens Healthcare product manager told E-Health Europe: “Over the years we have had a change of paradigms to move away from the functional approach and focus on applications and usability, for example, creating a new user interface.”

The new release comes in keeping with the Hospital Information System strategy “ goes Soarian.”

Last November Bernd Montag, chief executive officer of imaging and IT at Siemens Healthcare told E-Health Europe that they wanted to expand by adding elements that further enhance its performance.

EHE speculated that the “expansion” of may prove to be a migration towards Soarian, the next-generation product that Siemens has found difficult to sell in its central European home markets.

Bartl said: “There are still several steps to go before applying the Soarian capabilities to but we will continue to see this happening in further releases.” is used by around 150 hospitals in central Europe, mainly in German speaking countries. The software was acquired by Siemens two years ago from its German competitor, GSD.

Siemens also told E-Health Europe that after a successful implementation of its Soarian Integrated Care application in Scotland, it now intends to look for further opportunities for the software.

The application was delivered using web-based e-health technology to manage and support the diabetic retinopathy screening service across Scotland.

Nigel Gooddy, UK account manager at Siemens Healthcare, said: “We have a number of trusts looking at how they can utilise the software. It was delivered two years ago and has been really successful so now we are looking to roll-out elsewhere.”


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