TPP moves on secondary care

  • 1 July 2009

TPP has launched a series of SystmOne modules covering acute hospitals, community hospitals, mental health, social services and out-of-hours care.

Its new products include SystmOne Acute Hospital, which will include a full patient administration system, order comms, 18 week wait functionality, discharge summaries, multi-resource scheduling and ‘departmentals’ including maternity.

TPP said Acute Hospital was due to go live shortly, as were its modules SystmOne Community Hospital, SystmOne Social Services and SystmOne Mental Health.

It said it had launched modules covering out of hours call centres and primary care centres in April and that these were now deployed to deliver the West Yorkshire Urgent Care Single Point of Access Service. Several other deployments in out of hours care are due to go live in the next few weeks.

Charlotte Knowles, TPP director, said the company had worked with clinicians across secondary care, social services, mental health to develop the products.

She added: “It is not unusual for secondary care organisations to use a combination of software systems, plus some old paper processes, to perform simple tasks that SystmOne by itself can do much more efficiently.

"It’s great to see their reaction when we present one single system that does more than all their existing systems put together. The potential for service transformation that SystmOne brings is phenomenal."

For hospitals that do not wish to replace their PAS all at once, but may wish to use particular functionality, such as 18 week waits, the company is offering an alternative solution called SystmOne Lite.

The company adds: “This solution sees SystmOne interfacing with the existing PAS so that information is passed from the PAS to SystmOne and the organisation can use SystmOne for any additional functionality not available within the PAS.”

The company said it could not provide any information on how the launch of TPP Acute Hospital would fit in with Lorenzo Regional Care, the strategic solution in the North, Midlands and East, where SystmOne modules have been selected as a strategic solution for primary and community care.

The company said the new products have been developed in-house by TPP’s software engineers and would create a complete patient record with information entered at any healthcare setting available to the appropriate staff at other organisations.

Doug Scott, associate director of informatics for North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus, said he had been working with TPP to develop its system for social services.

He said: “We can bridge the gap between health and social care, delivering the electronic social care record, without requiring a separate add-on system that sits on top. With SystmOne, we can manage a holistic record that supports the whole care pathway, and we can also access performance information about the service."

The launch of the new modules by TPP follows the unveiling last week of EMIS Web.



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