Dutch company, Philips, has launched a medical alert service that automatically detects if a person has fallen and then calls the emergency services for help.

AutoAlert builds on Philips’ Lifeline, which allows users to press a button and sends for help, by combining automatic fall detection capabilities in the same pendant.

It uses multiple sensors to constantly monitor a person’s movement by assessing height, orientation and accelerated movement to distinguish between normal activities and falls.

It also gives users 30 seconds to recover before the Lifeline response team or ambulance is called.

Walter van Kuijen, senior vice president and general manager of home monitoring for Philips Healthcare, said: “One of the greatest threats to seniors is falls and associated injuries.

"For the cost of a cup of coffee a day, Lifeline with AutoAlert can help seniors maintain their independence and provide their caregivers even more peace of mind.”

According to the company, an internal laboratory study of simulated falls showed that Lifeline with AutoAlert detected 95% of falls and had a low rate of false alarms.

Link: Philips