Guernsey has gone live with the next stages of its multi-million pound electronic health and social care record by implementing specialist oncology software.

The ChemoCare software from CIS Oncology will provide oncologists and paediatricians with the ability to manage chemotherapy drug prescribing and treatment planning and enable nursing staff to record what drugs the patient has been given.

In 2007, the Health and Social Services Department of Guernsey awarded InterSystems a ten-year deal to implement its TrakCare product to provide all healthcare providers on the island with an integrated electronic patient record system.

In November, Guernsey went live with key elements of the system by replacing is thirteen year old patient administration system, SWIFT, while simultaneously implementing new accident and emergency and theatre software and specialist child health software from CSE Healthcare Systems.

The EHSCR programme will soon integrate with InterSystem’s Trakcare electronic patient record to provide outcomes for chemotherapy to be available outside the main oncology team enabling every authorised member of staff to view a summary of the chemotherapy treatment provided to the patient.

Dr Peter Gomes, oncologist from the medical specialist group, who has worked with the health and social service department on the project, said: “It provides an opportunity for me to review all the protocols we use.

"Now these have been validated and input into the system they will be available to help in the calculation of prescriptions for chemotherapy.

“Decisions on treatment will be supported by the protocols. If an individual needs something different this will still be able to be prescribed, but there is an automatic prompt for an explanation of those differences."

The system already covers three cancer groups, lung, breast and colorectal to cover the majority of patients treated. However, other treatment groups will be added as protocols are developed and validated.

Karen Leach, lead nurse for cancer and palliative care services said: “The system will help with clear communication between the oncologists, pharmacy, and the Bulstrode Unit oncology staff as well as Frossard Ward for children [at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital].

"The overall recording of drug administration is now on the ChemoCare system which provides the service users with a permanent record.

“It will take time for everyone to get used to the changes, but our focus remains on delivering excellent care to the patients receiving treatment.”

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