Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has created two direct radiography rooms using technology from Agfa HealthCare.

The rooms use DX-D 600 DR systems, which Agfa promotes as a “top of the line” solution for hospitals that see a large numbers of patients, and are part of a bigger project to improve imaging across the trust.

As part of this wider project, Agfa will also supply three DX-G systems and ten CR 30-X systems, which are tabletop systems for computed radiography that are used where space is tight and in mobile environments.

Emma Spouse, diagnostics lead for imaging and pathology at the trust, said: “We are really pleased with the project.

“The two new DR rooms not only look fantastic – which is important for the patient experience – but our radiologists are very impressed by the image quality, and the productivity and workflow improvement.

“The versatility and ease of use of the DX-D 600 DR system means that the units can be quickly positioned for any examination, in any situation by our imaging staff.

"In addition, the immediate availability of high-quality images speeds up our workflow and reduces patient waiting times, which is key to providing an efficient imaging service.”

Spouse added: “Maximum utilisation of space throughout Royal Cornwall Hospitals is a key part of our development strategy, so that we can increase our accident and emergency capacity to meet demand.

“The commissioning of the two new DR rooms has also freed up vital space around the hospital that can be re-utilised.”

Grant Witheridge, general manager of Agfa HealthCare UK, added: “This demonstrates the capabilities of our product range to meet the specific imaging requirements of the trust, making maximum use of their real estate and improving workflow, benefiting both healthcare professionals and patients.”