Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with its Fujifilm picture archiving and communication system.

The trust, a leading orthopaedic centre that provides a range of musculoskeletal surgical, medical and rehabilitation services, chose Fujifilm to provide its Synapse PACS.

 It has gone live with its new radiology information system from HSS as part of the Fujifilm managed service contract.

Eric Hughes, the trust’s diagnostics divisional manager said:

 “This went very smoothly as we were already using an HSS RIS provided under the local service provider programme.”

The Synapse PACS is a 100% web-based solution, allowing users to access it anywhere in the hospital.

Hughes said the trust is “delighted” with how the transition to the new system has been managed.

“Synapse PACS allows us to store, manage and access radiology images in a simple and effective way.  The integrated Synapse 3D and MPR functions have been very well received by clinicians both in and outside radiology.

“I am very confident we have made the best choice in Fujifilm as our PACS supplier.”

Hughes said the web-based PACS administrative tool has allowed the trust to semi-automate the day-to-day administration of PACS and improve the efficiency of the trust’s PACS team.

The trust completes around 90,000 imaging studies per year.

Last year, the trust used ITK funding to develop a patient portal, which gives patients access to their hospital appointments, discharge summaries and results.