Today´s healthcare sector is under pressure to improve patient care with diminishing resources. To achieve this goal, the efficiency of every care worker needs to be improved.

An increasing trend is to provide quality care in the home rather than in hospitals or medical centers; but in order to provide good home care, mobile care workers must have access to patient records and other back office services.

Providing home care workers with technology such as laptops and tablets with remote access is therefore seen as a key enabler; but how do you provide mobile care workers with technology that is both easy to use and sufficiently secure?

Complicated log-on procedures involving manual tokens, patchy cellular network coverage, and frequent re-authentications due to network glitches can frustrate the most tolerant care worker.

A solution that is too complex to use can also lead to a lack of adoption. The end result is that the anticipated benefits are not realised. This white paper examines some key technical aspects that are crucial to the success of mobile working projects.

The observations are based on Bittium’s experience as wireless network specialists and connectivity software providers for NHS organisations.

In particular, they draw on the successful implementation of mobile technology for community care workers within the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust and The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.

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