BT Capital Care Alliance, the Local Service Provider for London, has selected CSE Servelec’s RiO system as an interim community and mental health solution to meet the immediate needs trusts in London.

The initial order will see RiO deployed at over 20 trusts across London during 2006 by BT CCA as part of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT). RIO is intended to provide an interim system until the strategic integrated LSP solution becomes available from IDX – now expected between 2007 and 2008

According to CSE Servelec RiO will be provided set up with a standard configuration for mental health and for primary care trust services in order to help establish common business processes and clinical practice.

The aim is to implement the system in up to two initial trusts by the end of March, with over 20 sites receiving the system by the end of 2006. One of the key features of RIO is that in addition to healthcare professionals it enables information to be shared with social care professionals.

RIO will be provided as a hosted solution from the CCA data centre, but will not initially be connected to the NHS spine. The aim is to ensure RIO is spine compliant by the time version 5 is released, due by the end this year.

Sue Hawkswell, CSE Servelec’s director of healthcare systems, told EHI that planning and implementation work had already begun for implementing the web-based solution at initial sites. "We’ve got a large team of people supporting that process and working closely with BT CCA and other partners."

The contract, which was awarded to CSE Servelec in mid-December, was officially announced last week. Details of the contract value were not disclosed.

In a statement CSE Servelec said the value of the contract will continue to increase as trust sites go live, at which point a maintenance contract will be established.

Hawkswell said: "RIO supports paperless clinical processes." Crucially the system supports key mental health and community health requirements. She added: "RIO provides full support for Care Programme Approach and delivers the mental health minimum data set as a by-product of clinical processes."

CSE Servelec first implemented the web-based RIO system at an NHS site in 2002 and now have 16 NHS clients, almost evenly split between PCTs and Mental Health trusts.

The first system go-lives are scheduled for March 2006 and comprise implementation of patient administration and electronic care record functionality across each Trust.

Alan Stubbs, Managing Director of CSE Servelec stated, “We are delighted to have been selected by BT CCA. RiO has been proven to deliver benefits to the NHS and we look forward to growing the RiO success story in London. Our partnership with Connecting for Health and BT CCA will deliver real clinical benefits to both patients and clinicians now.”

The RiO product is functionality rich and combines PAS functionality, for example, patient registration, ADT and appointment scheduling, with the ability to record clinical notes and conduct specialist assessments. RiO is a web based system with a highly intuitive interface through which care professionals can plan, schedule and record the treatment received by patients in their care.


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