Carestream Health has announced that it will be expanding the role of its eHealth Managed Services Business, which is dedicated to the protection, communication, sharing and distribution of patient information for healthcare institutions.

The company are expanding the role of the organisation to include a range of services aimed at providing healthcare customers with secure, cost-effective, dependable solutions for managing the growing volume of patient data.

Carestream have also appointed a new head for the business. Dr Bernard Algayres, will become the new general manager of eHealth Managed Services. He will lead all aspects of this global operation, which is part of the company’s Healthcare Information Solutions organization.

Before taking on responsibility for eHealth Managed Services, Dr Algayres was regional business manager for Carestream Health’s European healthcare IT operations. Before joining Kodak’s Health Group, Dr Algayres was general manager and vice president of FPDI European Operations, which was acquired by Kodak for the purpose of integrating its state-of-the-art archiving technology into offerings from Kodak’s Health Group.

As well, as expanding the eHealth Managed Services Business, Carestream Health have also announced the release of two new health systems.

The company are taking orders for the latest version of its fully featured multi-modality breast imaging workstation, which will be available by the end of June.

In addition to providing efficient review of all types of digital breast imaging exams, the Kodak Carestream Mammography Workstation also features integration of Confirma Cadstream software for breast MRI exams and Cedara B-CAD software for breast ultrasound exams.

The Carestram mammography workstation, which includes two five-megapixel monitors, offers mammography-specific display protocols and tools designed to enhance radiologists’ productivity and an ergonomically designed handheld workflow controller that can help reduce the incidence of repetitive stress injuries. The workstation also supports a variety of input devices including a standard mouse.

“Our mammography workstation provides efficient review of mammographic studies captured by FFDM (full-field digital mammography), computed radiography, ultrasound and MRI modalities. It also displays CAD markers and expedites the ‘second read’ resulting from examination of these marked areas,” said Stephen Archer, worldwide marketing director for Mammography Solutions at Carestream Health.

Carestream Health have also announced worldwide availability for its latest Kodak Carestream PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems) that offers optional integrated applications such as image fusion and orthopedic surgical templating in addition to native 3-D imaging and advanced cardiac features. The new PACS platform will begin shipping by the end of June.

The built-in dynamic streaming capabilities of the Carestream PACS make advanced functionality readily available to authorised users inside and outside the institution by allowing clinicians to review the first images in an exam while the rest of the study is being transmitted.

In addition, a new licensing structure allows facilities to purchase optional features according to the number of concurrent users, so these tools are not restricted to specific workstations.

This provides increased flexibility since users can access desired tools on any remote workstation, while adding affordability since institutions pay for the number of concurrent users and not for the number of workstations where the features can be employed.


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